Shopping, Whiskey & Monopoly

Hey guys,

sorry for the wait! I was rather busy over the last few weeks. (Being a fangirl is tough, especially when an anime like Yuri on Ice is airing… @__@)

But, I have good news: My L Cosplay is almost done and Dorni and I managed to finish her Misa Cosplay, too! Isn’t that great?

Sadly, Dorni and me live a few hours apart, so we can’t meet often. In November she visited me for a few days and all we did was working on our costumes, shopping for our costumes and getting drunk in celebration for finishing our costumes.

Great times…



On the first day, we went on a huge shopping tour.


First, we visited a friend of mine, who is also the only hairstylist who was ever able to work with an airhead like me. The only time he swore to stab me with his scissors was, when I asked him to dye my hair silver after dyeing it bright red two weeks before. (In case you follow my blog, Basti: I’m still sorry about that, I swear! :’D)

We asked him to take care of our wigs – of course we would have been able to do that ourselves, but the wigs needed cutting and that is better done by the hand of someone who knows what he’s doing.


After that, we rushed through the city in search for fabrics, a few little accessories and of course a Jeans for my L Cosplay. As you might remember, I wasn’t quite successful with my last search. Of course we had time for some sightseeing, Dorni has never been here after all.

20161111_134830Who recognizes the city? :D

We really managed to get everything we needed, even a Jeans for me! I couldn’t believe it! But we really found one in a second hand store – I actually like this shop a lot. You pay per kilo there, not per item and you can find almost everything, even Yukata or a wedding dress. (  If you happened to walk past one of those stores, take your chance and step inside. It’s fun to browse through all that stuff.

After our successful shopping trip, we started sewing.

1.) Misa’s shirt



First, we detached those strange straps, which looked like a truck had run over it. We had bought simple, black ribbons, which we used instead. To give a more “girly” touch, we attached lace at the ribbons, which turned out pretty neat.


And guess what, folks: Nothing happened. Honestly! I didn’t cut of my fingers, I didn’t kill myself with a sewing needle, I didn’t even accidently strangle myself with the ribbons. Kudos to me!

2.) Misa’s Death Note

Dorni thought about a selfmade Death Note, so we bought a simple notebook and fabrics for the book cover. Again Dorni wanted a girlish touch, so we chose black velvet instead of plain cotton.


First, Dorni transferred the writings of Misa’s DeathNote cover on the white fabric. We could not sew it on the black velvet, because the writing was so small.






We tried it, but ended up with badly creased letters, so we used hem fleece, which allowed us to simply iron the writing on the front. That was the only real challenge here, because the book cover itself is very easy to make.


Finally – the costumes are finished! I maybe need to shorten the sleeves of my sweater a bit, but that’s all.





We celebrated our success with Whiskey (me) and Cocktails (Dorni), while playing the Yu-Gi-Oh edition of Monopoly – in costumes, of course.








Due to a bit too much whiskey I lost horribly…

Well … at least we had fun, while looking awesome!



We’ll be at the book fair in Leipzig in March 2017, so if you happen to see us there – just say hello.

Stay tuned and have an awesome Party at New Year’s Eve!


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