The body – down to the core

As seen previously on MieziligerCosplay, the problem with the shoes is solved. (Almost. Close enough. Whatever.) Now it’s time to move to the next part: The body.
Without it there is not much you can do. You need it to help you messure and make the pattern for skirt and collar, so there is no way around starting with the body. If you have not much experience in sewing and intend to be sane and emotional stable for the next few years, please restrain yourself from sewing it.
Buy it. Really. Just buy it.

Now, let’s see. How does a Sailor Body look like?


The main feature of every Sailor body is the fine line underneath the bust. It is a bit hard to see if this is just decorative stitching or if there are two parts of the body. I thought it to be more like an armour, so I decided to go with the “two part” version.
I kept it as simple as possible. I bought two identical bodies. I made sure to buy simple white ones, with a rather high leg cut. The main problem was the low neckline. Seems like the 90ies are over at last and bodies with low neckline and high leg cut are not sold anymore. After a long and unsuccessful search I decided to go with a round neckline and just change it myself.

After cutting off the lower part of one of the bodys, I made the seamline 1 cm higher than the actual length of the clothing and stuffed the hem with left over body fabric, which I rolled into a long roll.


Sounds rather stupid, I know. But hey – it worked! So, now I had one body and one half of a body, which I attached to each other around the neckline.
It does look a bit strange, but once it is worn everything fits exactly as it should:


I was quite happy once I had that part done. I really don’t like working with stretching materials. Well … and I managed to stab myself with the needle of my freaking sewing machine and bled all over the fabrics.




Now, back to the body.
Sailor Saturn has a few unique features in her costume, one of them being the sleeves.


It took me three attempts and believe me, the first two where horrible. The first looked like broken wings, the second like murderous spikes, giving me either the look of an angel in a carcrash or the Lord of all darkness himself. (Don’t forget all the blood. It took me a while to get that out, after the little incident with the sewing needle. It did give the satanic look a nice touch, though…)
After considering the thought if I should switch from cosplaying Sailor Saturn to Lord of hell, I chose the Sailor Fighter and started again. This time, it worked. The pattern was made freehand, so it is not perfect, but it is a good orientation on how it should look like:


The important part here is the dart. It gives your sleeves the halfrou20160904_163018and shape. Also important is the use of Vliseline. The sleeves have to be stable, so if the fabric is too light and flexible, the sleeves won’t keep their form. I used Vliseline H250, which turned out to be the right choice.

The last step is to attach the sleeves to the body. (In my case: bodies. I do have two upper parts, as you remember.) That was quite easy and worked without any more trouble. Hooray!

I know it isn’t perfect. And I know I did make a few little mistakes, which I can hide under the collar once the costume is finished. But considering the fact, that I never really tried to sew something, I’m happy how it turned out.

Next time I’ll show you how I made collar and bows, which were rather easy – even for me. Oh and by the way: When you intend to start making your own cosplay costumes: Please invest in a tailor’s dummy. Once you start making the skirt, you will love yourself for having one. Trust me (as you should always trust an unknown person in the world wide web….). Honestly. Trust me.

So long and stay tuned!


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