Shoes – that’s easy, right? … Right…

I’m not exactly sure what it was, that made me want to cosplay Sailor Saturn. I think it had something to do with the sparkling in my husbands eyes when I told him, I’d like to cosplay a Sailor fighter and his constant “Saturn….Saturn….Saturn…” whispering, whenever he passed me. (Well yea – and the freaking stylish Silence Glaive.)
So, even if I wanted to cosplay Sailor Mercury in first place, I started with a costume for Sailor Saturn. Not really sure about how to start, my first action was to search for shoes. Looking back, I’d say, that was a rather clever idea. Once I had the shoes, I could search for fabrics in the same colour, instead of trying to match the shoes to already bought fabrics. Considering the fact, that I often find my car keys in the fridge, this was quite an unexpected high-IQ-moment.

Buying the shoes proved itself to be rather difficult. First, I had to decide which version of Sailor Saturn I’d like to cosplay. I chose her first appearance in the Manga series, because I like the simple Sailor Saturn costume way more than the Super Sailor Saturn stuff.


Shoes like that are hard to find. After hours of searching, I decided to get them custom made for me in China. Wow, this sounds so frigging posh, I’m almost embarrassed. Actually, it’s not that big of a deal. There are many distributors in China who specialized in custom making Cosplay stuff. The prices are fine, even when you don’t choose the cheapest offer. I’d always go with middleprized stuff – never had any problems.
Still, there is one disadvantage: The customer doesn’t have much choice about the colour. Take what you get – and be happy with it. Or something like that.
When my shoes arrived they were of a strange blueish colour.

I wasn’t qui20160707_102546te satisfied, but went out fabric shopping nonetheless. Three shops and four different kind of fabrics later, my not so stable satisfaction dropped further. I just could not get a fabric in a colour which matched at least one bit. Not that this minor problem would stop me. I made up my mind, that I’d start sewing over the weekend, it was a Friday afternoon and I would f*cking start sewing!

At the end of the weekend, my Sailor Saturn costume was progressing very well and I was really proud. (I’ll tell you soon about that marvelous experience, which consisted of me, swearing at my sewing machine.)
On Monday, I showed the costume a friend of mine and heard myself saying: “So, that’s the costume. Would be nice if the colour would match the shoes, wouldn’t it?”
Yepp. That settled it.
I went out and searched for spray paint. The spray paint I bought, was an acrylic paint from edding.
There is only one shade of purple available (thank god. At least we will never see something like “50 shades of purple”), so I went with that.
On a nice Saturday afternoon, I made myself comfortable in our garden, surrounding myself with shoes, spray paint and duct tape.

The result was fantastic! I even got  a compliment from my neighbour, who stared from his balcony with a look asking if I’d gone mad. It seems that it was the first time he’d seen someone spray paint their shoes. Good that we moved here. I enjoy educating my surrounding.

To be honest, I’m still not reeeeeally satisfied with my shoes, I’m sure there are shoes somewhere, which are closer to the original Sailor Saturn boots than mine are. But I decided to stick with them anyhow, because I found an almost perfectly matching fabric. Isn’t that great, guys?
(And if there is anyone out there, who would like to mention the fact, that I have to start all over again with my costume:
Just… don’t.)

Whew. Never thought I could talk so much about a pair of shoes.
(No, I never watched Sex and the City. Why do you ask?)

So long, see you soon!


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