Diary of a cosplay virgin

Today’s post is not written by me, but by my dear Dorni-Sensei. :D
Have fun!

Guest author: Dorni

So, yeah. It’s my fault. I am the mean spirit to convince poor Miezi to cosplay Death Note characters. Well kind of – in the beginning, she wanted me to team up with her L cosplay to be the Light on her side… his side… whatever. But like hell I could do that – I am not beautiful enough to be an accaptable match for his gorgeous majesty.

So, I decided to go with Misa Amane, who seems to be pretty popular amongst cosplayers, probably not the worst point to start for a cosplay virgin like me. Strange enough everyone goes with the same outfit of her in her most goth loli state… I think, that is a shame, because she has other great outfits as well.

So I decided to choose her outfit from episode 18 of the anime/volume 5 of the manga.

With the male leads constantly stealing the show like the badasses they are, it was really hard to find good pictures of it, where you can see the whole thing. I made a ton of screenshots of accessories and her shirt and her socks, but you never really see it completly.


Just like Miezis L cosplay, this is more a thing of very extensive shopping, than actually having to sew things… which is great on the one hand, but also comes with some problems.620a5d2d6c0aa28e626794b5a70cb9ca

The first things delivered from an onlineshop today have been the socks and the skirt. The socks could be a bit longer, but I couldn’t find a longer version anywhere, so it is fine, I guess… the rings could be thicker as well… I will keep my eyes open.

The skirt is rarely shown in any camera angle, so it’s mere guessing than anything else – except its colour and an estimated length. But judging from her clothing style, it would be a good idea to choose a mild rock-goth style, and I am pretty happy, how this turned out – even if it is so f*cking short, that I surely would never pose like her in the picture above. x_x


The best thing about this cosplay: I can totally wear this in everyday life. So, since I am off to a birthday party today…



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