L – having clothing issues since 2003

Right now I’m trying to finish two cosplay costumes: Sailor Saturn and Pharaoh Atemu (Yugioh) – brace yourselves, you’ll be getting complain posts about this frigging difficult stuff soon enough.
Those costumes take up a good deal of my freetime, while the rest of it is absorbed by watching Anime, reading Manga and (being the fangirl I am) writing shippingwars in fanfictions. So of course I instantaneously said “yes” when a friend of mine popped up the idea to cosplay L, while she’ll cosplay Misa, when we meet in Leipzig in March.
Before you ask: Yes. I did need to look up how to write the word “instantaneously”. And yes, I really do think, that I should focus on one Cosplay, instead of three but … we’re talking about L here, goddammit.

The advantage of cosplaying L is the costume itself: Everything can be bought without feeling bad about it, for it is a rather realistic Anime. (Just forget about the Shinigami and a book which kills people and all that stuff…)

– White sweater
– slouchy bluejeans (or black. That’s different between Manga and Anime)
– black wig
– greyish/black contacs
– someone to warm my feet, when walking barefoot in March.

Sounds easy, right?
Yea. Thought so too. Oh boy, how wrong I was…

Highspirited I went on my shopping tour. Did you know, that sales people give you strange looks, when you ask to try on mens clothing, while standing there in a cute skirt, being as female as possible? I didn’t. I know now. Don’t ever say again, cosplay is not an educational hobby.
Back to topic:
I was quite lucky to find a really good sweater in the first shop on my tour. I made sure, that it’s made out of thin fabric, plain white, without fancy or thick hems. (Okay. Honestly there was 20160907_102901only one plain white sweater available in the whole shop. I was just lucky that it was exactly what I was looking for.) Being a mens sweater it’s nicely loose-fitting, only the sleeves need to be adjusted.

Tip: If you want to cosplay L, search for sweaters in “basics” sections of low priced shops. There’s probably just a small selection of sweaters, but exactly what you’ll need: nothing fancy, nothing tight fitting.

Well, after I paid for my sweater (and a bow tie, which you’ll meet again in another post, stay tuned, folks) I left on my quest for the perfect jeans. Wearing mens jeans must seem more strange than wearing mens sweaters – at least if I got the looks right, i received from the middleaged couple in the changing room next to me. img-20160907-wa0008
First problem: What size should I pick?
Second problem: I don’t even know my real size.
Third problem: Black? Or blue?
After browsing the shelves for a few minues I minimized the three problems down to one:
Why are there only three different kind of jeans?
Skinny, straight and something I could not define entirely. Looked like a carrot, though.
Skinny was out of question, so I picked a straight, black one in the smallest size I could find. Why black you ask?
Well – I think that the colour black represents L’s level of incompatibility with the outside world, as much as the bewildermend and depression aroused by that. Considering L’s low ability to… just kidding. There was only one straight jeans in this whole shop and it happened to be black.
When I tried it on, I felt like being on a vacation. Somewhere at a shore, looking over a beautiful landscape, breathing the fresh air of freedom, while sitting in a tent, as huge as this frigging jeans. I could have thrown a tea party in here!


Giving up on the idea of buying mens jeans, I walzted over to womens clothes. Jeans. Jeans everywhere. I was happy!
Browsing the shelves I found four different types:
Shaping Skinny
Super Skinny
Super Skinny Jeggins.
Are you …. f***ing kidding me?
Those are no pants! If I wrap duct tape around it, I could use them as garden hoses.
Admiting to myself, that I’m not able to find something on my own, I asked a sales assistant for help. I told her, that I need more boyish-like jeans, a bit more slouchy, a bit more comfortable.
She beemed at me and showed me another pair of jeans, from a type called “boyfriend”.
Simple bluejeans, ragged and torn at the knees and so short, they ended a bit over my ankle.
“It’s just like putting on the favourite pants of your boyfriend”, she said.
Who the hell does she think I’m dating? The seven dwarfs?

I left without jeans.
At least I got a sweater.
Next time I try a second hand store.

Wish me luck.


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