About me

Why another blog about cosplay? Aren’t there enought already?

Sort of.

Whenever I search for blogs about cosplay tipps and tricks, I always find encouraging, sweet posts, talking about how easy it is to learn sewing, how much fun it is to make your own costume and how rewarding it is to get your pictures taken once you wear the finished thing. I like reading those – I really do! Until I stumble over sentences like “this might seem a bit tricky, but with a tiiiiiny bit of practice you`ll succeed!”
Honestly. Everytime I tried things which were labeled as “just a bit tricky” I had to stop myself from burning the house down in frustration. (yea, I know… should probably work on that.)

Sure – the best way to learn something is learning through mistakes, so maybe it would be a nice idea to have a blog about all aspects of cosplay. The joy when everything works out, the smug self-satisfaction when a stupid provisorial arrangement worked out to be a life hack and the contentedness when the costume is done. But also the frustrations, the failures and the curses I mutter, when I stab myself with a needle for the 10th frigging time. I want to create an honest blog, concerning problems as well as successes. I want to show that there are times where you take one step forward and three back again – and that’s allright! The best life hacks pop up, when you’re frustrated with the way everyone else does it. So feel free to watch me struggle – maybe you’ll get an idea out of it, how to make it better.
Sewing can be hard. Making a costume can be frigging frustrating. But it is really, really a lot of fun!

Well, back to the questions “why another blog” and “aren’t there enough already”:
Because I can.
And yes there are, but I don’t care.

So, who are you anyway?

A special snowflake!
Not really.
I’m a bit over 30 years old, married and mother of a little girl – nothing too fancy about that, right?

Over 30?
Don’t ask.

Honestly? Don’t you think you-
I said, don’t ask.

I don’t want to be rude, but-
Then shut up.

Aren’t you a bit too old for cosplay?
And here we go…
Yes, I’m not 16 anymore. Yes, I might be a bit old for starting cosplay. But I am old enough to not give a damn about others anymore. When I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence to cosplay, I didn’t have friends who were into it, I didn’t even know the word “cosplay”; for me it was just “dressing up as my favourite anime character and not telling anyone about it.”
Ah… those were the days. Back in the 90ies when clothes were hideous, the hair was highly inflammable and the music was…oh.. sorry… got a bit taken away…
Yes I’m not a teenager anymore. But cosplay is fun. And it’s open for everone, everywhere.
As long as I’m happy with it, I’ll keep on cosplaying.

Well, okay. There ARE a few costumes for older people. Yzma from “the Emperors New Groove” maybe.
Get the f**k out.




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